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Galerie Klatovy / Klenová has organized The International symposium of linocut in Klenová since 2001. Seven printmakers from different European countries arrive here every year in autumn to create during one week one or two prints from which the graphic album is compiled.


The gallery focuses on this technique also in its exhibtion programme. From the symposia and exhibitions the idea of a special collection of the Czech linocut emerged. The collection presents not only the outcomes of the symposia but also comprehensive work of individual artists. We have enriched the collection with the pieces of two or three artists every year since 2000, often in connection with an exhibition. Since 2005, we have incorporated all the activities in graphic field into the Autumn Festival of Graphic Arts, under the patronage of the name of Josef Váchal, the great Czech printmaker and art outsider of the 20th century.

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