Castle Klenová

Czech modern art from the gallery collection is exhibited in four salons of the chateau. In the corridor there is a selection of work of 20th-century classics (e.g. F. Foltýn, V. Hejna, J. John, J. Bauch, M. Holý, E. Filla, P. Kotík). The next salon contains works by V. Vrbová - Kotrbová, a painter connected to the Klenová chateau through family roots who came throughout her life for summer sojourns here. The third room contains work from the first decade of the last century (Q. Kocian, M. Švabinský, M. Pirner). The last room is devoted to landscape painting and here the visitor will find works by V. Radimský, A. Hudeček and V. Rada.

Other rooms on the ground floor present historical furniture and interiors of the 19th century, the time of the last large renovation of the chateau. In the Knight Hall, sculptures of the Czech princes by Josef Max are exhibited, along with decorative helmets and shields, which have been kept up to now in the depository and which once were used to decorate this hall. In the next room, embellished by an illusionary wall painting by J. Navrátil, historical clocks are on display. In the only vaulted room of the chateau, a former dinning room, there is a unique tiled stove with reliefs of mythological figures, which originates from a Norimberk workshop from the 17th century.