church of saint lawrence in klatovy

21. 4. - 18. 6. 2017

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Olbram Zoubek, Mother, 1967

One of the first post-1989 exhibition at the White Unicorn Gallery in Klatovy was by the leading Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek (1926), a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, where he studied under professor Josef Wagner. The quality of Zoubek's work is evidenced by the fact that the moment nobody stood in the way of free curatorial decisions at Klatovy, the gallery's employees and supporters chose his works to exhibit. Today, 27 years later, Zoubek is presenting his inimitable sculptural works in the Church of St. Lawrence in Klatovy. The church's Baroque interior, combined with the works of this outstanding artists, thus becomes a unique place of beauty and inspiration.


Photos Václav Vojta