burgrave's house at klenová castle
2. 4. - 20. 6. 2017

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A selection of Pospíšil's most interesting photographs of Paris from the photographer's archives, taken during the nearly four decades he spent living in the city on the Seine.

Michael W. Pospíšil is one of those artists whose career path was determined by his family history. He grew up in a francophone family (his father was a translator), so French was a natural part of his life and he somehow subconsciously absorbed the beauty of the French language and French culture. Another reason he was attracted to the language is that it was spoken by the three (four) musketeers, his favorite childhood heroes. He devoured not just the book, but also the accompanying illustrations by Maurice Leloir. Paris played an important role in the book, and so he began to dream of the city. Of course, it wasn't just through reading about the musketeers and studying French that he fell in love with Paris.

In 1980, the harsh conditions of Normalization-eraCzechoslovakia and a “mariage blanc” (a paper marriage) brought Pospíšil to his beloved city. In his new home, he focused mainly on photography and film, this successfully combining his two greatest loves: Paris and photography.
Exhibition curator: Helena Fenclová