cristina gori / vault over

burgrave's house of klenová

25. 6. - 20. 8. 2017

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The exhibition by Italian artist Cristina Gori crosses space, time, myth and mythology to offer a look at China's famous terracotta warriors.
Gori evokes a long journey through time and space by including her own body in her photographs. In so doing, she reveals the historical legacy of the terracotta army in the city of Xi'an in the Chinese province of Shaanxi.
But Gori aims to go beyond the boundaries of the exhibition, to be inspired by the features of the soldiers, officers, and dignitaries, and by the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who envisioned the terracotta army and its thousands of warriors, wagons, and weapons accompanying him in the afterlife.
She also compares ancient and distant civilizations with the need to meld multiple figures into one.
Cristina Gori provokes and evokes strong emotions associated with this famous Chinese archeological find.

Photos Jiří Strašek