HOLZINGERurbat / A Gathering of Myth and Muses

HOLZINGERurbat / A Gathering of Myth and Muses

Burgrave’s house at Klenová castle
2. 4. – 4. 6. 2023

Klenová Castle is a place of parallel times - History hangs on the walls, the present is in the air, and the future is only slowly peeling out of the ground.

Distinguished figures have entered the fortress to use the castle as a place of meeting, celebration, struggle, protection and security. In their various guises, from majestic knights to industrious machines to enigmatic beasts, they mingled and exchanged ideas beyond physical boundaries.

Lilly Urbat and Claudia Holzinger assemble some of these personalities in GATHERING OF MYTHS AND MUSES, a get-together that transcends time and space, reaching beyond the boundaries of history, geography, and genre. By interweaving the “real” and “unreal”, we catch glimpse of what lies beyond our earthly understanding.


Lilly Urbat (she/her) studied photography and visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg and media art at the Karlsruhe University of Design, after working as a freelance journalist and co-founder of an internet label. Her artistic practice centers around the manipulation and recontextualization of past and present cultural objects, practices, and images, as a way to comment on our relationship with them and explore their potential for transformation and reinterpretation.

Claudia Holzinger (she/her) studied photography and visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg and the University of Applied Arts in vienna. She sees herself as a teller of visual stories creating expansive installations in which photography acts as the main narrative. Examining herself through the social mirror, she discusses body politics, role concepts, collective memory, desired identity, fan culture, moral hygiene, tragically funny or absurd encounters or biographies as well as established power structures and hierarchies.

Both of them are members of international collective Femxphotographers.org, which released their books THE BODY ISSUE (2020) and MIND OVER MATTER (2022) with Berlin publishing house Hatje Cantz in 2020.

Lilly Urbat and Claudia Holzinger are working together since 2016 as the artist duo HOLZINGERurbat and develop their own solo works. In the exhibition at Galerie Klatovy / Klenová they show works created in collaboration as well as works from their single practice.