1. 4. - 4. 6. 2017

The exhibition entitled Grandad, Did You See God? presents two central themes from the work of Viktor Pivovarov.
The gallery's first floor presents the series Dark Rooms, Lemon Eaters, Children of Gods (that latter will have its premiere in Klatovy), and The Sutra of Fear and Doubts, in which Pivovarov explores the subject of human solitude – a theme that can be found throughout his work. In Dark Rooms, he also looks at the difficult relationship between men and women on its most intimate level.
On the second floor, the gallery will be exhibiting Eidos, Eidetic Landscapes, Circles, and The Gardens of Monk Rabinovich – series that take an ideal look at man and nature. In these paintings, Pivovarov works with the philosophy of Plato (Eidos) or with Zen tradition (The Gardens of Monk Rabinovich).
In a way, the series The Gardens of Monk Rabinovich ties the entire exhibition together. Pivovarov's alter ego Rabinovich also made an appearance in The Sutra of Fear and Doubts. With this figure, we return to the theme of loneliness, but this time it is a voluntary solitude, free of all the existential difficulties experienced by the figures in Dark Rooms.
The exhibited works possess an unquestionable philosophical dimension, although they are predominantly poetic in content and their philosophical and religious import is often softened by humor. For this reason, we have chosen Grandad, Did You See God? as the central work of the exhibition.
Exhibition curator: Maria Černá Pivovarová

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