white unicorn gallery in klatovy

3. 9. - 6. 11. 2016, opening reception 2. 9. 2016, 18:00

Inventura 2016 marks the culmination of a year-long project in which eight emerging young artists were confronted with works by leading representatives of 20th-century art from the GKK collections. This confrontation is also a chance for reinterpreting a work within the limits of contemporary artistic tendencies in order to offer an alternative to the usual self-contained approach to exhibiting gallery collections. The project’s aim is to work with the currently much discussed concept of finding inspiration in the past and to contribute to the dialogue between institutionalized and independent works of art. The exhibition features works by artists such as Věra Janoušková, Eva Kmentová, Václav Boštík and Dalibor Chatrný, juxtaposed with works by young promising sculptors Ivana Sláviková, Markéta Schiffnederová and Pavla Kačírková, photographers Václav Kopecký and Pavel Matoušek, conceptual artist Marta Fišerová, and painters Šárka Koudelová and Ondřej Basjuk.
Exhibition curator: Petra Mazáčová
Photos Jiří StrašekVideo Václav Vojta

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