6. - 31. 8. 2014, Finland


This international art project was born step by step, branching out of the collaboration between Kirsimaria E. Törönen-Ripatti (artist and curator from Mikkeli, Finland) and Helena Fenclová from Pilsen
(manager of exhibitions and collections and curator in regional art museum Gallery Klatovy/Klenová in Czech Republic). This collaboration spans over a length of six years, So far it has resulted in various
exhibition and art projects exhibited in art galleries and museums.

The project at hand, INSPIRATION BY LANDSCAPE - INSPIRACE KRAJINOU, invites artists to explore their perception of lanscape. The project consists of symposiums and exhibitions taking place in both countries. The final exhibition of twelve artists will take place as part of the
event Pilsen 2015 European City of Culture. The Czech partner is regional museum GKK, the Finnish partners are artist led galleries Taidekammari of Savonlinna and Studio Wäkewä of Mikkeli.

Finnish artists Tuomo Kukkonen, Juha Lahtinen and Kirsimaria E. Törönen-Ripatti have exhibited their art works already in the Czech Republic at the Granary of the Galerie Klatovy-Klenova. During the
course of their stay at the museum’s artist residence they were charmed by the diversity and beauty of the hilly Bohemian landscape The fruitful collaboration between the artist group and curator has
resulted in Inspiration by Landscape; a series of artist symposiums bringing together Finnish, Czech and Austrian visual artists.

The aim of this project is to come to experience with all senses the nature and landscape´s context of both countries. Allowing the landscape to inspire and transform.

Czech and Austrian participants accepted this year an invitatation to Finland – the land of lakes, Aurora borealis and mysterious tundra. The aim is to hold a symposium in the lake district of Eastern Finland and one in the Finnish Lappland. Next year the Finnish artists will be
invited to Bohemia to experience the beauty of the Bohemian landscape: tops of the Shumava hills and surroundings of the historical monument Klenova in the Czech Republic.

The invited artists are Mariana Alasseur , Ona B. , Varvara Divišová, Sami Funke, Harri Heinonen, Tuomo Kukkonen, Juha Lahtinen, Jan Pohribný, Anna Siiriäinen, Jakub Sveda, Jan Tichy and K.E.

Helena Fenclová, curator of the project

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