CHurch of saint lawrence in klatovy

22. 7. 31. 10. 2017

Klatovy's Church of St. Lawrence hosts an exhibition of the east Bohemian section of the Club of Concretists, KK3. The exhibition's main focus is the five-meter tall installation Atropical Principal by monumental sculptor Ladislav Jezbera, accompanied by the no less monumental paintings of Jaroslav Jebavý. The energy he puts into his concentrated circles on the canvas is immeasurable and hypnotic. The church interior from the entrance to the altar is lined by two- and three-dimensional works by sculptor Štěpán Málek (1966). Even in a space as grand as this church, Vladana Hajnová's minute structures made of skewers and straws are not lost. And finally there are the drawings of Alva Hajn, whose work the Klatovy gallery helped to discover for contemporary audiences. 

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