chateau klenová

27. 8. - 31. 10. 2017

The exhibition Art of the 19th Century in Eastern Slovakia was originally shown as Painting of the 19th Century in Eastern Slovakia at the East Slovak Gallery. The collection of 19th-century artworks represents one of the main focal points of the East Slovak Gallery's collections, which the gallery has systematically expanded since its founding. Eastern Slovakia has a rich artistic tradition centered around the towns of Prešov, Košice and Levoča. These towns are the region's former economic and thus also cultural and artistic centers. In terms of subject matter, the exhibition is divided into several sections: portraits, figural scenes based on historical motifs and landscapes with an attempt at describing the transition from Romanticism to Realism. The exhibition's focus is on painting, although other techniques (printmaking, drawing) are represented as well.
Kurátoři výstavy / Exhibition curators: Ján Kovačič, Miroslav Kleban 
Photos Jiří StrašekVideo Václav Vojta

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